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♛ : OTP for my muse

Shinji and Aaroniero is the only OTP to ever exist. It is the only ship to ever exist. Nothing else matters except Shinji and Aaroniero.

☠ : NOTP for my muse

Shinji and Ichigo. I’ve seen it, and it just doesn’t work for me. Their personalities wouldn’t mesh well at all and a relationship between the two would be impossible for so many reasons.

♙ : Character my muse hates

[just inserts demonic_laughter.mp3]

no tho it’s aizen

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Can totally hear him drinking his coffee. Slowly makes her way around the desk until she’s on the side, staring, “…Hirako-taichou.”

Busted. Doesn’t really seem to mind, though. Just—


"Yo. ‘Sup, Rukia?"

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♛ : OTP for my muse 
☠ : NOTP for my muse
♙ : Character my muse hates
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Just stands there in front of the desk. Like she can’t tell he’s there. Honestly.

Totally invisible. Sips a cup of coffee. Waits.



Hides under her desk.


So, I know I’m not the most active roleplayer in the world, but I still feel like it’s only fair to give you an update of just how inactive I’m going to be for a while. Under the cut for length.

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Falling Diamonds


Keiko stared expectantly at her captain as he spoke, eyes filled with hope for his words. When they came however, all hope was drained from her eyes; empty. Those pale blue eyes of hers were opaque, shutting her off from the world, not letting her new captain see through her.

All ya gotta do is care 'bout people.

Then she would find many difficulties in befriending people, as he had confirmed what she had already suspected. Still, she could always lie in order to make friends but they would not be true friends, they would only befriend a mask. Friends were important; she had seen how friends were willing to support one another in their time of need and how friends shared burdens. Keiko felt deep in her heart that she would carry many burdens, more than she already had, and one day she would be crushed beneath the weight of them.

"I can tell already that you’re a very intelligent man, taichou." And I can already see that you are not to be messed with. His relaxed demeanour did not fool her. “I’ll try my best not to disappoint you though I’ll do my duty and no more; I have no intentions of living to please you. I live to please myself.” Keeping and improving her position fell within her interests however and so she would do what was necessary to secure that, but she would not change herself to impress one person. Still, perhaps befriending her captain or at least remaining on his good side would be beneficial in the long run.

"I’ve no intentions on causing trouble though and if I did I would make sure that you did not find out. As you said, I’m a smart girl and smart girls do their best not to get caught." A smile spread across her lips and she laughed, her head turning away as she did so; to stop him from seeing that the smile did not reach her eyes. Keiko had already done well not to get caught with recent actions of hers. "I’m afraid I’m fairly boring actually; I’m content with just reading and writing." And killing. Her eyes met his, keeping eye contact to insist on her sincerity, or rather to make her facade more believable.

"Fifth Division is my home now, Hirako-taichou, and I won’t be leaving it anytime soon."

Her body language didn’t say much, yet in that effort it said a lot. She was reserved, perhaps; closed off. It gave Shinji the feeling even her sincerity was forced— but it was hard to tell. She seemed genuinely at ease with him, but perhaps it was just a front. He knew, for sure, at least one of his other subordinates pulled that bullshit.

But she was no Aizen.

That had been his fear from the start. It was what had drawn him to her. Maybe he was a glutton for punishment— what else would it be? He certainly didn’t take on the responsibility of monitoring these dangerous people willingly. He didn’t like the idea that only he knew about their secret selves, even if only in assumptions and perception.

But no one else would do it, and he had obligations if nothing else. He wasn’t going to let his society fall to the assholes and criminals if he could do something about it. But damn— it was a pain in the ass, to be sure.

"I don’t want ya kissin’ my ass’r nothin’. Just gotta make me happy long ‘nough t’ jump spots an’ knock me down, right?" He was joking, at least as far as the sly grin he shot in her direction was concerned. But it wasn’t really so outrageous; where did anyone ever wish to head other than up? He’d been the same way. Even though, in the end, he didn’t approve of the manner in which he’d claimed his spot. It was still his.

"Home, huh?" Of course he felt that way, and she was probably betting on him getting sentimental about it. But what new kid automatically claimed a division they were tentatively fitting in (at best) as their new home? Only two types, as far as Shinji was concerned. Liars and outcasts. He could only prove that she was one of those things, to date.

"Ain’t got much’a choice, do ya? Mitsuyo ain’t a stranger’s name, even to a guy like me. S’a real shame what happened." His eyes met her own, unblinking and half-lidded as they usually were when he was suspicious of something. "Only survivor, ain’t ya? How’d ya manage that one?"

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                    But she sits patiently—
                    although it’s beginning to wear thin
                    while he sifts through the pile on his desk.

                               ”If you will recall, Hirako Taichō,
                                 it was a budget plan.
                                Or were you not fully checked in
                                during the last captain’s meeting?” 

He’s usually charming, so that seems appropriate.
—At least, in his own head.
But that’s not a very reliable source.

He stops mindlessly shuffling the papers when she speaks—
And instantly gives her his best innocent look.
It probably wasn’t convincing at all.

"Captain’s meetin’, ya say? Hmmm, hmm—"
He hums a small tune as the papers fall to the desk and he thinks
Ponders, really—
Not about the meeting, of course.

"Are ya sure ya didn’t make that up jus’ now?
It ain’t ringin’ a bell.
But while yer here, might as well lay it on me.”

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