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—.{i miss u all. i wish i wasn’t working so much, but it looks like it’ll be going strong through the rest of this month, as well. maybe when april is over i’ll get a break and be able to come back at least a little bit.

until then have lots of fun and miss me bunches.

mwah mwah}.—









Hey dead Bleach characters, if you were resurrected for 24 hours, what would you do?


As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that dead Bleach characters have been granted a 24-hour reprieve on the whole death thing. What will they do with their time?

Gin: I think I’d like to spend a full day with Matsumoto. Twenty-four hours. No leaving. None.


Gin: And maybe Izuru could come for a bit.

Tosen: I would like to tell Komamura that he is beautiful after all!

Tosen: And since that will take like 15 minutes tops, I guess I will devote the rest of the day to justice.

Starrk: Sleep in, I guess. Maybe take a nap later.

Lilinette: ….isn’t there ANYTHING you regret not doing, Starrk? Maybe somebody you’d like to beat up?

Starrk: Nah, not really. I do miss sleeping, though.

Lilinette: Well, I’m going to beat up that white haired captain for real!

You go! I know I’m excited!

Ulquiorra: I feel like I almost understood humans by the end. Another 24 hours would probably do it.

Ulquiorra: Perhaps I will eat pizza and ‘catch a flick’ and fall in love. Human things.

Orihime: …all in a day?

Ulquiorra: Too little?

Barragan: Twenty-four hours is a piece of a fraction of an iota of a sliver of a moment to a god like me.

Barragan: So it’ll probably be boring.

Yamamoto: Wonder how many Quincy I could kill in 24 hours…

Zommari: Catch up on my mediating, I suppose.

Aaroniero: Eat somebody really cool.

Szayel: Bake some poisonous cookies. Mail them to Kurotsuchi. Bake a poisonous cake. Mail it to Kurotsuchi. Go to Soul Society. Decorate Kurotsuchi’s office with deadly traps. Install cameras. Watch.

Kurotsuchi: Dude, obsessed with me much?

Nnoitra: Twenty-four hours? We could fight, Nelliel! We could fight like three times!


Nnoitra: I have major stamina.

Tesla: …looks like I’ll be watching Nnoitra-sama fight.

Sasakibe: I suppose I’d like to do all of my favorite things one more time! Which is….mostly drinking tea.

Sasakibe: …I wish I had more hobbies.

Masaki: Only 24 hours, huh?

Masaki: Well, you can pack a lot into 24 hours! I would spent the whole day with my husband and kids. I want to hear all about their adventures. Make breakfast. Go on a picnic. Play video games with Karin. Let Yuzu show me her cooking. Go for a walk with Ichigo. Kiss Isshin again.


Masaki: Twenty-four hours really wouldn’t be enough.


—.{go follow this fucking loser but prepare to regret it}.—



    “—I don’t recall having time to waste on you. What is it, exactly, that you want from me?”

"My bad! Considerin’ all yer entire life’s been is a waste, I figured ya were real good at it!”

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